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– Mix & Stir Fry Cooking Robots –
  • 1 robot + 20% time of an robot operator = 1-3 experienced stir fry chefs
  • The demand for Asian cuisine continues to grow, but the limited supply of skilled chefs limits the potential of this market
  • Hiring and training new chefs can be costly and time-consuming, and turnover rates are often high
  • This labor shortage can result in inconsistent food quality


– Service Robots – 
  • Plato supports your workers.
  • With Plato, labour-intensive, repetitive, heavy-lifting, and transporting tasks are automated – promoting better health and well-being for restaurant, hotel and store staff.
  • Adapts to changing environment
  • Seamless movement, even in tight spaces
  • Easily understandable& predictable
  • Natural and friendly user interface